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College Exploration Tours

When College Exploration Tours came to me, they wanted a website that looked fun but kept a sense of professionalism. The site was built from scratch—from the initial thumbnails all the way up to the finished pages in HTML and CSS. We also worked together to create printed materials to support it.

The album cover of City Of Love

City Of Love

Chris Gordon of The Summer Circuit commissioned me to create illustrations for his upcoming album, City of Love. He was looking for a simple, bright, and optimistic feel, and thought that some of my earlier work would provide a good launching point. I delivered a total of six images for the album, as well as one for an accompanying poster. You can find City of Love on iTunes or (if you want a physical copy with all the artwork) CDBaby.

My one-page portfolio experiment

One-Page Portfolio

This was my first attempt playing around with the idea of a one-page portfolio. The sliding effect was inspired by the product page for Coda. All the images were made from scratch, with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The picture used as an example of a work in the portfolio was an old design for this site. You can find the HTML version preserved here.

My blog,

Hexnut is my very own blog! It's powered by Tumblr and my own custom theme. I mostly write about topics that fall under the umbrella of my geeky interests. Although it started as my professional web presence and portfolio, now it serves solely to share my thoughts and opinions with the world. If you're interested, you can find it over yonder.



Who I Am

Hi there! I'm Jake Lazaroff, illustrator, designer and musician. You've stumbled upon my little spot on the WWW.

I'm a sophomore at Drexel University majoring in Digital Media—a combination of web design, video game design and animation. Prior to that, I went to high school at the Bergen County Academies, with a focus in Visual Arts.

What I Like

I enjoy basking in the warm glow of my computer screen into the early morning. I love pretty much anything with the word design in the name. I can't get enough music—in addition to buying CDs and attending concerts, I play the guitar and sing (and dabble in piano). I fancy myself a programmer, but it's (unfortunately) not my strong suit. I casually play videogames, boardgames and collectible card games.

What I Do

  • Web design — frontend design and development with (X)HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Interface design — web and software design fueled by good human-computer interaction principles and practices
  • Graphic design — page layout, typography, branding and (occasionally) illustration in a variety of digital and physical media


This site was created on a MacBook Pro with Coda and Adobe CS4 Design Premium. The domain is registered through Gandi, and all the bits and bytes are hosted by Joyent.


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